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Terms & Conditions By proceeding with a cleaning appointment booked with 24/25 CLEANERS, you accept the following Terms and Conditions. Your acceptance is legally binding within the USA and all states, regardless of whether or not you've read these terms. Declination of these terms is only valid upon written notice approved by 24/25 CLEANERS. 1. Invoicing and Payments: Invoices will be issued upon completion of the service. Payments are due on the same day the invoice is issued. Failure to pay on the same day can result in a late fee between $75 - $200, with an additional penalty of 1% per day, up to 365 days or until legal action commences. 2. Legal Actions: If payments remain unsettled, we reserve the right to initiate legal actions through a small claims court, civil court, or collection agency. Customers are responsible for all outstanding amounts, late fees, penalty fees, and legal costs. 3. Cancellation/Rescheduling: ​ Same day cancellation or rescheduling incurs the full amount. 24 hours notice incurs the full amount. Notice between 24-48 hours incurs 50% of the service cost. Notice beyond 72 hours is exempt from cancellation fees. 4. Payment Methods: Payments are to be made via an approved payment card or other methods as determined by 24/25 CLEANERS. All payments are final, No Refunds. You authorize 24/25 CLEANERS permission to automatically charge my card for future invoices not paid on the due day. ​ 5. Licensing: We hold all necessary licenses to perform our work and comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws. 6. Contract Termination: The contract ends on the agreed date, unless prematurely terminated by either party. In such cases, the client is liable for all costs incurred up to the date of termination. 7. Modifications: Any changes to the contract must be agreed upon in writing by both parties. 8. Autonomy: Our employees and independent contractors operate autonomously, without the client's direct control over their working time, methods, and decision-making. They remain responsive to the reasonable needs and concerns of the client, given that these needs and concerns are discussed and agreed upon. 9. Client-Worker Interaction: We value professionalism and confidentiality in our services. As such, clients are requested not to engage with our employees or independent contractors on matters related to salary, job cost, immigration status, personal or company information. Offering a job to our employees or independent contractors without going through our company is a breach of our terms. Exchanging personal contact information is strictly prohibited. All necessary communication should be made through our management team. Violation of this clause will be met with a minimum penalty of $50,000, potentially more depending on the extent of losses, and will also necessitate coverage of all legal expenses and future profits. 10. Quality Check: Clients are advised to perform a quality check on the day of the service. Complaints received post 24 hours from the service time will not be addressed. 11. Damage Responsibility: We only take responsibility for decor damage caused by our independent contractors. We do not cover any other damage. Evidence of the state of the item before our arrival is necessary for any claim. 12. Equipment: All necessary equipment will be provided by us unless otherwise stated. 13. Hourly Charges: Our minimum booking time is 3 or 4 hours. Jobs completed in less than the minimum time will still be charged for the minimum hours. After the minimum booking time, we charge as follows: 0 to 25 minutes = Half an hour (Half the hourly rate) 25 to 60 minutes = Full hour (Full hourly rate) 14. Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're unsatisfied with our cleaning, inform us within 24 hours and we'll send a team back for a re-clean at no cost. This guarantee does not apply for time-limited bookings or those with a minimum booking time. The guarantee also does not apply if the cleaning service was not for the entire property. The guarantee only applies when the job is fully completed at the property. ​ 15. For all invoices settled via Credit/Debit Cards or other payment methods, a Surcharge of 3.5% will be applied. This fee assists us in maintaining operational efficiency and in continuing to deliver exceptional services to our valued clients. ​ 16. When you, our valued customer, choose to provide a tip for the services rendered: 100% of the total tip amount goes directly to the service personnel who carried out the job (referred to as the Independent Contractor or employee). 0% is retained by 24 25 CLEANERS. ​ Your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated. Thank you for choosing 24 25 CLEANERS. Best Regards, 24/25 CLEANERS

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