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Service Limitation

**24/25 Cleaners – Service Limitations**

Please note the following limitations regarding our cleaning services:

• Furniture Movement: We do not move heavy furniture.

• Laundry Services: Our services do not include laundry or ironing.

•Blinds and Window Treatments: We dust blinds but do not wash them.

• Dishwashing: Washing dishes is not included in our services.

• Windows and Walls: We do not wash windows or walls taller than a standard doorway, as these are not covered by our insurance. Additionally, exterior window cleaning is not offered.

• Mold Removal: We do not remove mold.

• Carpet Cleaning: Standard service does not include washing carpets. This is available as a separate service with its own pricing.

• Personal and Workplace Items: We do not organize, nor do we move computers or personal items left at workplaces.

• Outdoor Cleaning: Yard cleaning and grill cleaning are not included.

• Electronics: We only dust TV screens and do not perform wet cleaning.

• Pet Waste: Cleaning of cat trays and removal of feces incurs an additional fee.

• Plumbing Issues: Sewer cleaning is not provided and should be handled by a qualified plumber.

• Garbage Removal: We do not take out the trash.

• Lighting: Rooms without sufficient lighting will not be cleaned.

For a comprehensive outline of services we offer and additional details, please contact us directly. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities, and we look forward to serving you within the scope of our capabilities.

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